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About Spoke and Flame

What's with the name?

Spoke = A piece of wood (wheels used to be made with four sections of a log known as a spoke); also, a part that connects the inside and outside of a wheel

Flame = The visible part of a fire (from "flamma" in Latin, also meaning passion)

For me, the spoke is the starting place, or structure that enables the flame, which is the outward expression of your passion.

It's also like...

  • Honoring all of you
  • Potential and kinetic energy
  • The organic messiness of the "before" and the magic of the "now"
  • Creation and destruction (or, letting go)

What about the "tools and processes" part?

There are a lot of different tools and processes that can facilitate an exploration of the creative spectrum. Some of your tools and processes might include inner resources that you've forgotten or overlooked, or underestimated up to this point (e.g., the habit of walking away from a problem for short period of time and focusing your attention elsewhere).

Some of my favorite expressive arts tools are collage and journaling, and my favorite processes focus on permission, structure, and support. Some of my custom tools include the Creative Anatomy Snapshot, the Hope Scope, and the Tower of Wonder.

About Me

Some say that how you do anything is how you do everything. I believe that we are all creative beings, and that the time you invest in creative practices can have a significant impact on multiple aspects of your life.

In my own experience, the expressive arts are a profound exploration because they are a safe place for me to practice making mistakes, trying new things, and surprising myself. They've helped me in learning to trust my "gut" or intuition, and have fun.  

I began building my creative structure long before I knew it. A few milestones:

  • Started my own magazine in middle school
  • Pushed most creative endeavors aside for many years (although I did many of the "right" things, I was quite depressed)
  • Began to create in a more conscious way through greeting cards and collage, and discovered that I could access my passion through the expressive arts (thank you, Judith Prest)
  • Continue trying new techniques, like painting BIG with Connie Hozvicka and fellow FEARLESS™ painters

A few things that inform my work:

  • I have a BA in Psychology and a Master's degree in Education (MSEd).
  • I've spent the last 12 years doing fulltime project management-type work in nonprofits. I'm a recovering perfectionist who can really pull &*%$ off.
  • I completed a 10-month apprenticeship in FES flower essences with NYC-based practitioner Linda Cohen, and believe there are many connections between the arts and healing.
  • Life is short, and pain is certain. Heart attacks, cancer, strokes, Parkinson's, alcoholism, and dementia have all reached my doorstep, and yours, too, I imagine. I choose to live from a place of passion.

About Expressive Arts

The expressive arts are at the hub, or center of all of things Spoke and Flame. So, what are the expressive arts?   Here's an official definition via the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association website: "The expressive arts combine the visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing and other creative processes to foster deep personal growth and community development".

Perhaps the most important thing is that it's about the process, rather than the product.

Some of the the things I've explored ... dance, authentic movement, Butoh, scrapbooking, basic bookmaking, Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), Zentangle®, intuitive painting (watercolor and acrylics), collage, including Soul Collage®, vision boards, ritual or symbolic crafts (e.g., medicine bundles), and art journaling.

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