Yes! I made these things by hand for you … Thanks for enjoying them responsibly*, and sharing them with whomever you think will appreciate them.

Journaling Pages (pdf)

These journaling pages are perfect for writing, visual journaling, or collage. They include lines from two incredible Alice Walker poems:

When You See Water ©2011 by Alice Walker
To see the full poem, visit Ms. Walker's website:

What Do I Get for Getting Old? A Picture Story for the Curious! ©2011 by Alice Walker
Check out the full poem here:

Pair of Birds (pdf)

This little piece is made with recycled paper and features the names of some of the most common and most rare birds in North America.

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*Read: if you want to tweak them for your own work, or sell something featuring them, or anything else that might make one of us feel weird, please get in touch beforehand.