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Self-Care Every Day Month


Cards that read "Laugh" and "Breathe" Up close shot of vision board Card that reads "Forgiveness and Closure"

Unfolding Your Life Vision® Workshop
Spring forward with passion and clarity this year ... The Unfolding Your Life Vision® workshop is an opportunity to reconnect with your dreams and plan to make them happen. It's also a safe space to free up your creativity, and have fun doing it!

All supplies are provided. No experience necessary!

  • The Unfolding Your Life Vision® workshop was created by the amazing Jennifer Lee (founder of Artizen Coaching® and author of The Right Brain Business Plan®).
  • This workshop includes time for reflection and collage, and practical guidance on creating a plan to move forward with your vision.
  • By the end of the workshop, you'll have created your very own portable, functional work of art that illustrates your values, goals, and vision.

Here's what others had to say:

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Self-Care Simplified is a free 30-day e-course comprised of daily e-mails with suggestions for activities that can be done in five minutes or less.

A little more about the focus of the e-course:

  • Week 1: Defining self-care and making a 30-day commitment
  • Week 2: Looking at current self-care practices, and how they evolved
  • Week 3: Dealing with challenges around self-care
  • Week 4: Looking ahead, and the role of self-care in creating what you want

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Self-Care Every Day Month

What's Self-Care Every Day Month?
30 days of practice, including play and reflection to:

  • Encourage more conversations about self-care among creative women
  • Celebrate self-care as a practice that has a positive impact on the world
  • Through the free Self-Care Simplified e-course, facilitate a closer, more personal look at self-care (moving beyond what we think we should do)

When is Self-Care Every Day Month for 2012?
Self-Care Every Day Month was February 13, 2012-March 13, 2012. Check back for 2013 dates!

Self-Care Every Day month was inspired by Art Every Day Month, which encourages creativity in an open-ended, "no pressure" kind of way. Self-Care Every Day month is about setting aside a few minutes every day ... a chance to "walk the talk", or maybe try something new.